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The My Knee™ joint preservation procedure for chronic knee pain and disease is the reshaping of the inside of the knee joint using advanced arthroscopic techniques, and for select patients, the actual inside of the bone may be evaluated and treated endoscopically as well.

Dr. Brannon reshapes the bones inside of the knee joint with the knee completely straight as shown to the right. The primary surgery may include additional arthroscopic procedures such as a meniscal repair or debridement, a chondroplasty, cartilage grafting, and/or microfracturing. The specialized equipment used by Dr. Brannon for joint preservation surgery allows him to identify and treat areas within the knee joint that cause pain but are often not recognized because of the limitations of standard medical devices. A successful My Knee™ procedure requires advanced arthroscopic techniques and the use of specialized equipment.

After surgery, a knee immobilizer is required. Physical therapy will follow surgery and is designed to meet your specific needs.

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